asian development bank 200Manila. - The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has made all its economic and development research on Asia and the Pacific available on Thursday, using open access, a principle that promotes unrestricted online access to scholarly research so that it can be more widely distributed and used.

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Berlin. - Seitdem vor fast 15 Jahren die Millenniumsentwicklungsziele (MDG) entworfen wurden, hat die Welt sich stark verändert. Die Schwellenländer Brasilien, Russland, Indien, China und Südafrika (BRICS) spielen eine immer größere Rolle in der Weltwirtschaft und als Geberländer in der Entwicklungsfinanzierung. Die fünf Staaten gründeten im letzten Jahr ihre eigene Entwicklungsbank in Konkurrenz zur Weltbank und zum Internationalen Währungsfonds (IWF). In der aktuellen Ausgabe der Digital Development Debates mit dem Titel "The Emergence Of New Donors" wird die Rolle der BRICS in der neuen Entwicklungsagenda (SDG) analysiert.

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Beirut. - Lebanon’s religion-based personal status laws discriminate against women across the religious spectrum and don’t guarantee their basic rights, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today. Lebanon has 15 separate personal status laws for its recognized religions but no civil code covering issues such as divorce, property rights, or care of children. These laws are administered by autonomous religious courts with little or no government oversight, and often issue rulings that violate women’s human rights.

The 114-page report, “Unequal and Unprotected: Women’s Rights Under Lebanon’s Religious Personal Status Laws,” found that, across all religions, personal status laws erect greater barriers for women than men who wish to terminate unhappy or abusive marriages, initiate divorce proceedings, ensure their rights concerning their children after divorce, or secure pecuniary rights from a former spouse. The laws also violate children’s rights, most significantly the need to consider their best interests in all judicial decisions concerning their welfare.

=> Report: Unequal and Unprotected: Women’s Rights Under Lebanon’s Religious Personal Status Laws


hrw report 2015 200New York. - The World Report 2015 is Human Rights Watch’s 25th annual review of human rights practices around the globe. It summarizes key human rights issues in more than 90 countries and territories worldwide. The report reflects extensive investigative work that Human Rights Watch staff undertook in 2014, usually in close partnership with human rights activists in the country in question. The world has not seen this much crises for a generation. "The once-heralded Arab Spring has given way almost everywhere to conflict and repression. Islamist extremists commit mass atrocities and threaten civilians throughout the Middle East and parts of Asia and Africa. Cold War-type tensions have revived over Ukraine" explains Kenneth Roth, Executive Director of Human Rights Watch in the keynote text.

The South Centre recently published Research Paper No. 60: Internationalization of Finance and Changing Vulnerabilities in Emerging and Developing Economies, authored by Yılmaz Akyüz.

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