fao logo neu 200Rome. - With climate change, population growth and modern lifestyles putting increasing pressure on water resources, water is poised to become a key issue of the 21st century. Hosted every three years, the World Water Forum (12-17 April) is the largest international event aimed at finding joint solutions to the planet's many water challenges.

 According to FAO Food production, which uses a large portion of available water resources – lies at the heart of this discussion.

Managing water resources in a way that is sustainable for future generations while meeting the needs of today is a growing concern – one that calls for diverse solutions, ranging from conservation policies to technological innovation.

The forum will see the release of two publications by FAO and partners: Groundwater Governance - A Global Framework for Action, a set of policy guidelines and recommendations to improve groundwater management, launched April 10 followed on April 14 by "Towards a Water and Food Secure Future", a white paper on policies, investments, and governance changes needed to safeguard water resources and feed a growing population.

=> Groundwater Governance - A Global Framework for Action

=> World Water Forum 

Source: fao.org

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