unwomen 200New York. - iKNOW Politics, an interactive online network of women in politics who share experiences, resources, advice and collaborate on issues of interest, has launched an e-discussion on United Nations Security Council resolution 1325 on women peace and security in the Arab region.

Since the Arab uprisings, a number of countries in the region have experienced heightened political unrest and unprecedented violent struggles, with women and girls bearing the heaviest brunt of the systematic violence committed in conflict areas.

The five-week discussion will focus on how women in politics and other policymakers can be active in the implementation of resolution 1325 in the Arab region, and related challenges and new opportunities. The e-discussion has been structured along three main blocks: a) Advancing the Women, Peace and Security (WPS) agenda; b) Strategies and monitoring; and c) Partnerships and capacity-building. Respondents are invited to send answers to as many related questions as they see fit.

The discussion is open until 17 January 2016. The responses from the e-discussion will be consolidated and shared with iKNOW Politics members and partners, then used as a resource for all through the iKNOW Politics website.

Source: unwomen.org

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